DeKalb Academy of Technology & Environment, Inc. Officially Announces New Name

DeKalb Academy of Technology & Environment, Inc. Officially Announces New Name

STEM AdvancEd Accredited Elementary and Middle School Renamed to Highlight Expanded Agricultural Curriculum

ATLANTA – DeKalb Academy of Technology & Environment, Inc. (D.A.T.E.) is excited to announce that the school has officially changed its name to DeKalb Agriculture Technology & Environment, Inc. The name change will more accurately reflect all that the school has to offer its students and will highlight its extensive agricultural science curriculum that has been implemented throughout the past 15 years.

“We are excited to officially share our new name as it showcases the diversity of programming that our academy has to offer,” says Dr. Maury Wills, C.E.O. of D.A.T.E. “We are working with our students, so they can have a comprehensive understanding of what it means to be great stewards of their land and environment, as well as an understanding of their agricultural responsibility.”

The school’s collective vision is to engage their students’ hands and minds through agriculture, technology, and the environment. After gradually implementing curriculum focusing on agricultural science, D.A.T.E. now concentrates on sustainability across the entire campus through four main ecosystems.

These outdoor laboratories include:

Greenhouse and Aquaponics – A student-led system featuring two 500-gallon tanks with 45 fish in each container where seeds are planted in NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) as well as DWC (Deep Water Culture) grow beds.

Multi-species Paddock (The Coop) – Home to various breeds of chickens, Nigerian Dwarf goats, and a Georgia Pineywoods cow. Students compare and contrast the different species’ anatomy as well as practice the deep bed method of substrate composting inside the coop to create the school’s very own Black Gold Compost.

Outdoor Soil Garden – By exploring plants, soils, and various ecosystems right on the property, students can sustainably prepare and maintain a “clean” and edible landscape.

Pond Habitat – Hands-on learning includes water testing and wellness checks on the Western Painted and Yellow-Bellied turtles, Bluegill, Koi, and multiple water plants. The entire system is maintained by the D.A.T.E. S.T.E.A.M Dream Team.

As a leading STEM AdvancEd accredited academy in DeKalb County, D.A.T.E. serves 750 students, between the grades of kindergarten through eighth grade, with a focus on agricultural, technological, and environmental sciences. For more information on D.A.T.E., please visit


Built on the motto of “Learning with Relationships, Relevance and Rigor”, DeKalb Agriculture Technology & Environment, Inc. is a STEM AdvancEd accredited school providing educational programming to its students and the community. Serving as a leading academy for grades of kindergarten through eighth grade in DeKalb County, D.A.T.E. offers hands-on curriculum to educate students of the agricultural, technological, and environmental ramifications and other business decisions. For more information, please visit

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