Hands-On Minds-On!


The DeKalb Academy of Technology and the Environment (DATE) curriculum is a hands-on, minds-on, problem-solving, inquiry-based, integrated curriculum which will provide students with a foundation for understanding the world and their place in it. The environment, both natural and built, is the context for this curriculum, and technology is the means by which students will come to know, understand, and care for the environment which sustains us all.

Classroom instruction is aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence (www.georgiastandards.org)


Our rigorous curriculum includes clear learning outcomes with matching assessments, engaging learning experiences, and instructional strategies, organized in sequenced units of study, that ensure that all students achieve the desired end: the mastery of the content standards and maximized personal growth and development as a 21st learner prepared for college and the workplace. 



The core instruction utilizes researched-based effective teaching strategies that are appropriate for the content area, utilizes engaging performance scenarios and encompasses 21st Century learning skills.  

With the unique technology school focus, all students should have access to a computer and the internet at home.




Formative and Summative assessments are used to evaluate students’ performances on tasks toward mastery of the standards.  Along with teacher made assessments, students are also assessed on the following District or State evaluative tools such as GA Milestones, MAP, GKIDS, and ACCESS

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Instructional Strategies

Instructional strategies include, but are not limited to:

  • Generating and testing hypotheses
  • Ques, questions and advance organizers
  • Flipped learning
  • Project based learning

21st Century Skills

21st Century learning skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Innovation and creativity
  • Effective oral and written communication
  • Accessing and analyzing information

Unique Instructional Offerings

  • Charter focus: environmental sustainability and technology integration
  • STEM certified (AdvancED)
  • Fully certified core teaching faculty
  • Gifted instruction is provided at every grade level (K – 8)
  • Early Intervention Program (EIP) services provided (K – 5)
  • Serve student with disabilities (K – 8)
  • Serve English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) (K – 8)
  • Targeted Assistance (TA) for identified students ( K – 8)
  • Middle School Specials’ Pathway Program (5 – 8)

Technology Requirements

With the unique technology school focus, all students should have access to a computer and the internet at home.  When students are without a home computer, the following options will be available with parent participation:

  1. A student may attend the after-school computer lab WITH their parent.  This will be offered Monday – Thursday at DATE 4:00 – 6:30.  Students will not be able to use the lab without parental permission.

  2. DATE has a number of computers to loan students (based on availability) when needed.  All requests should be made to the Technology Director, Mr. Charles Allen (cballen@dateacademy.org)

Hands-On Minds-On!