to Dekalb Academy of Technology & the Environment Elementary & Middle Charter Schools, Inc.

I hope that you will take this opportunity to discover why we are on our way to becoming one of the top 10 charter schools in Georgia and the Nation! Please take the time to stop by and witness the students claim their prowess and quest for educational success. We are more than willing to assist you and your family in making the best educational decisions and the best choice! Use the menu or search bar above to explore our school. Take A Visual Tour Admissions

A School of Distinction


Dekalb Academy of Technology and the Environment has maintained academic success since its inception. This success can be readily seen in achieving Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) status for nine consecutive years as a “Performance Empowerment School.” Students have met and exceeded over 95% of state and 100% local district standards in subject areas of the administration of Georgia Criterion Referenced Tests (GCRT). With our instructional thematic focus, students are exposed to high levels of technology and environmental integration. From placing in state technology competitions to being recognized globally for our environmental stewardship, our students are certainly on the cutting edge. Our study abroad program and exchange program have enhanced global opportunities for our students and friends that we have shared our school with from Ethiopia. Our students’ excursions to Costa Rica, China, and Spain, Peru, and Africa this year, will continue to provide quality service projects that can only improve better communication, tolerance and understanding in our society.


Latest Milestone Scores

AdvancEd Survey Responses

STEM Certification

We completed our SACS visit from AdancEd and I am proud to say that we have been recommended for another renewal of Accreditation. I am not surprised that we would not be renewed, due to the quality of students, parents, and faculty and staff that exist at the school. Your commitment to education and dedication to the learning process continues to be the focus at our school!

The team left the school with glowing remarks and ratings, the highest marks that the evaluators have ever witnessed. The quality of teaching, the consistent engagements and highest delivery of teaching methods and strategies, along with effective implementation of technology was recognized and complemented the overall teaching and learning processes.

For these reasons, D.A.T.E. was invited to present at the AdvancEd SACS Conference to share and promote our success.

With the  powerpoint  and the   exit report, you will see  10 Powerful Performances and 1 Recommendation.
I hope that we can continue to enhance our performances and make good on the recommendation. You will be hearing from my office of the many ways that we can involve our stakeholders in the decision making process to
ensure that we are totally inclusive to the needs of our constituents and extended D.A.T.E. Family.

Once again, thanks for continuing to make D.A.T.E. one of the top ten charter schools in Georgia and the Nation.