Dekalb Agriculture Technology & Environment, Inc.

COVID-19/Cares Act/ARP

Reopening Plans for D.A.T.E.

DeKalb Agriculture Technology Environment Charter School – Application and Use of Funds

D.A.T.E. announces the plan to utilize American Rescue Plan (ARP) federal funds to overcome “Learning Loss” that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, included in the plan is the 2020-2021 “In-Person Instructional Plan.” The 2021-2022 in-person plan will be guided by the recommendations of the CDC, GaDPH, and the Governor’s Office. At this time, masks are now required on our school campuses.

Our school’s plan will be submitted to the Georgia Department of Education for review and approval. Over the next three years, the funds will be used to address learning loss due to COVID-19 and to support the school’s supports for students. In addition, other items like summer learning opportunities will also be charged to the grant. Throughout the funding period of the ARP ESSER grant, we will continue to monitor, evaluate, and update our plan based on stakeholder feedback and the needs of the system.

The ARP ESSER PLAN 2021-2022 survey will remain open to receive stakeholder feedback on our plan. At least every six months, our school’s ARP ESSER / CARES III plan will be reevaluated and public input will continue to be sought from our stakeholders.

If you would like to provide feedback on our schools plan, please click on the survey link below:

Cyber-Learning: Classwork/Projects

All students will have assignments via online institution or hard copies customized for each unique situation.

During this time, all faculty and staff will have access to their emails and will return emails within 24hrs regarding classwork or assignments.

Parents, please be advised of the abbreviated attendance verification process.

Kindergarten – 3rd grade: Teachers will take attendance for students based on participation and completion of daily assignments/activities.

Grades 4 – 8: Students will need to complete the attendance form in the Google classroom for the content areas being taught.

For example:

  • On Monday/Wednesday, students will complete the form in the math and science classes.
  • On Tuesday/Thursday, students will complete the form in ELA/social studies classes.

Paper Alternative Assignments

For students, who do not have internet or computers, there will be paper copies of assignments or alternate assignments available.

School Counseling

The following link will help you understand the Coronavirus and it will help you construct conversations to help cope with this pandemic. —–>   CLICK HERE FOR UNDERSTANDING COVID-19 


Emotional Counseling / DATE Counselor Available

Greetings D.A.T.E. Family:

Even though school “looks” different these days, your School Counselor is still here to help you as needed. Some of you have already joined our Social Emotional Learning Google Classrooms, and if you have not I encourage you to join. These classrooms, separated by elementary and middle school, are ways to provide optional weekly activities to encourage your student to take time for themselves. For example, you may see posts that have yoga exercises, scenario exercises, or simple feelings identification activities. Nothing that is posted is required. It is a resource that will remain even once we return to school.


What can Mrs. Haye do during this time:
Good question, Mrs. Haye can still serve you within the School Counselor capacity. This means that we can email one another, you can send me a Google Hangouts message, and Mrs. Haye can post support resources.


Can Mrs. Haye video chat us for individual sessions?
No, Mrs. Haye cannot conduct that type of service. We all have privacy and confidentiality. What we can do is chat and email.


What if I just want to check-in with Mrs. Haye?
Please do! I will check the Google Form and respond to requests that warrant a response. Some students just like to email me and say hello, and others sometimes have things to talk about. The form will help me keep it organized.


Things are different for right now, but they won’t always be this way. Please know that Mrs. Haye misses you and loves you so very much.


Google Classroom Codes: Content is grade level appropriate and sometimes specific

K-4 students:  csfzfri

5-8 students: a4jcjwh


Student check-in form: This form can be completed as needed and will be checked frequently.

*School Counselor services are available on school days from 8:00-3:00 pm, and not at all on holidays or weekends.



Professional Cleaning

Professional Cleaning

Schoolwide Surface Cleaning And Sanitation
The school has been professionally sanitized and cleaned, while during our stay away from the academy.


Supplies Ordered And Shipped
Additional supplies have been ordered to support out students, faculty and staff. Restrooms and commonly utilised spaced are cleaned and wiped frequently.


Professional Cleaning Service Hired
DATE has contracted a professional cleaning sanitation company to thoroughly sanitize the school.  This Sanitation is accomplished by misting with an electrostatic sprayer and chlorinated disinfecting tablets. There will be disinfecting tablets that have been registered by the EPA to kill Norovirus, HIV-1, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Aspergillus Fumigatus, C-diff, TB and MRSA & GRSA. Based on its demonstrated effectiveness against all the viruses similar to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, its assumed to be effective against 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCOV). All classrooms and common areas will be sanitized and disinfected