Infinite Campus

Please review the following information about Infinite Campus. As the district continues to refine and perfect the Infinite Campus Program, just know that D.A.T.E. is working hand -in- hand to ensure you are aware of  lesson plans and classroom  grades. Please contact your child’s teacher and review their website ongoing, until you are able to access Infinite Campus. Once again, thanks for your patience.

The following information explains the activation key issue. Each code is unique and the parents have to call to request the key. D.A.T.E. cannot gain access to that information.
The activation key needed for Infinite Campus is specific to each student, and the school will not receive the individual keys. After speaking with the county, it is requested that you call them between their hours of operation and have them provide the key to you. It is important to note that each activation key is unique to each child. The school cannot provide you with your activation key, and you must call the number between the hours of 8:00 am to 8:30 pm MondayFriday. They will ask for your child’s student number*, social security number, and birthday. They will then be able to provide you with your unique activation key.

The student number for your child has been the same since Kindergarten. If your student is in Kindergarten, you can get their number from their homeroom teacher. All other parents can check any progress report or report card.