Homework is designed to practice newly taught skills, develop independent study habits or to extend/enrich the curriculum.


The homework expectations at DeKalb Academy of Technology of Environment Charter Schools are focused on  PREPARATION, PRACTICE and PROFICIENCY.



This expectation encourages students to be prepared for the learning by building a solid foundation for acquiring new skills and knowledge.


Students are expected to practice the learning, apply concepts and engage in “elaborate explanations” in formative demonstrations of their learning.


The goal of instruction is the ability to demonstrate that students have mastered the standards.

Homework Expectations


  • HOMEWORK must be aligned to the state standards and the 9 week project based learning unit
  • HOMEWORK must be posted on the teacher webpage weekly with explicit directions, expectations, and opportunities for parents/students to communicate to clarify misunderstandings
  • HOMEWORK must include due dates for completion
  • HOMEWORK is a formative process; it must provide timely feedback
  • HOMEWORK that requires project completion must have a rubric (* posted to the website)



HOMEWORK must follow this time allotment indicated by grade

Kindergarten – second grades: 10 – 30 minutes per night

Third – fifth grades: 30  – 60 minutes per night

Sixth – eighth grades: 60 – 90 minutes per night