Code of Conduct

Rules and procedures concerning student discipline and dismissal, including the school’s code of conduct, shall duplicate those of the DeKalb County Board. However, the School reserves the right to adopt additional rules to be applied, which are not inconsistent with those DeKalb rules. These additional rules include the following:

  • Disciplinary actions shall be reported to parents on a daily basis, in writing. Parents shall acknowledge receipt of such notes by signing and returning them. The Charter School will:
  • Report all cases of violent or potentially criminal acts committed by anyone against a student, school volunteer, or a school employee on school property or at a school function.
  • Report possession of a controlled substance, a weapon, or a dangerous instrument by any one on school property or at a school function.
  • Participate in training related to the reporting process for school administrators.
  • Establish a policy on school/police relations and develop a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with each police department that provides police coverage to the Charter School.
  • Advise each school employee, at the time of hiring and at the beginning of every school year thereafter, of his/her duty to report school crimes and the penalty for failure to so report.

A student who is suspended or expelled from the Charter School as a result of a disciplinary action taken by the Charter School shall be entitled to enroll in a DeKalb County school if the conduct would not have resulted in suspension or expulsion under the Local Board’s disciplinary policy.