Engineering at D.A.T.E.

Meet The Team


D.A.T.E. has joined forces and built bridges with Builder Bunch, who will maximize our students’ potential in the areas of  Engineering. 

Builder Bunch held its first camp in May 2012 in Smyrna, Georgia. The basic goal was to create an achievement­ based environment that inspired groups of kids to learn, build and play together. After two years Builder Bunch has grown to become one of the premier LEGO® programs in Georgia and is poised to connect kids in communities all over America.

In the spirit of our mission, which is to provide an achievement­ based platform for LEGO® lovers to LEARN, COMPETE and COLLABORATE, our Master Builders  will use specialized course modules to provide learners at D.A.T.E. with the technical and conceptual skills as well as the physical materials they need to think creatively and construct innovative products that address a common need.

We believe in preparing young learners for the 21st century workplace and with respect to that goal, our curriculum is STEM compliant.

There will be 3 main components to out  Builder Bunch program:

  • Staff Orientation Module ­ TEACH THE TEACHERS

  • 8-­week Student Program

  • Product Expo/Demonstration Day

Student Sessions

  • Participating in the class sessions will give each student the opportunity to engage in the following tasks on a daily basis:

    • Basic Design Process
    • Teamwork
    • Fundamentals of Concept Development
    • Fundamentals of Brainstorming
    • Prototyping
    • Testing and Evaluation
    • Basic Design Concepts
    • Basic Marketing Concepts
    • Oral Communication

      In addition to the class sessions, students will be given homework assignments that will require them to apply what they’ve learned in class to practical personal study and continued exploration of the Engineering Design Process at home.

    Prior to the start of your school’s program, Builder Bunch will also provide a Teach the Teachers staff orientation; a team­building exercise during which your educators will receive a crash course on the Engineering Design Process to familiarize them with what their students will be learning and the ways in which our program fundamentals can be integrated into their own teaching curriculum.

    Supplies Provided By Builder Bunch

    • All LEGO® products
    • Audiovisual equipment to record testing and pitches
    • All documentation and curriculum­based paperwork
    • All web-­based technology needed for tutorial content delivery 
  • Session 1: Introduction of the Engineering Design Process
    • Key Vocabulary: Product, Produce, Brainstorm and Prototype
    • Learning Objective: Students will be introduced to the steps involved in designing a product from conceptualizing to product creation and development. Key vocabulary words will be introduced
    • Building Objective: n/a
    • Homework Assignment: Identify 3 products that you can improve upon at home.


  • Session 2: Introduction to Engineering Design Metrics

    • Key Vocabulary: Utility, Symmetry, Originality, Use of Color, Aesthetics
    • Learning Objective: Students will walk through the engineering process on a micro level and be introduced to the building design metrics that will allow them to use quantifiable measurement tools to assess a product’s design.
    • Building Objective: n/a
    • Homework Assignment: Use the 5 core metrics to assess the design of the 3 home ­products that were chosen during the previous homework assignment.
  • Session 7: Making Revisions and Building Final Design

    • Key Vocabulary: n/a
    • Learning Objective: n/a
    • Building Objective: Hands­on class time during which students will make any necessary changes and/or improvements to their concept design using the lessons and the feedback from all previous activities. Students will complete the structural formulation of a final product design.
    • Homework Assignment: Revisions and final at­home product design.