What to Expect From Us

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Maximum class size shall be set per OCGA§20-2-161 and State Board Rule 160-5-1-08. Classroom lectures shall be the exception, not the norm. Interactive, Socratic methods will be used to the fullest extent possible. Lessons will be authentically engaging and will include student participation at all levels. We will address all students’ learning styles: body/kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, logical/mathematical, musical/rhythmic, verbal/linguistic and visual/spatial. In addition, we will strive to heavily focus on the environment and technology as a means of enhancing the Georgia Performance Standards Curriculum.

As the children age, staff will try to become more of a facilitator, encouraging learning from other classmates, from reference resources (including computer, a media center and a library), from volunteers in the classroom; and from active participation, record-keeping and drawing conclusions regarding project-oriented tasks. Staff will be required to undertake the training. Teacher workshops will occur at least monthly. Teachers shall be encouraged to explore and develop new environmental/technological lesson plans consistent with the curriculum. If at all possible from a financial standpoint, teachers with different relevant environmental experiences will be hired, so as to allow for inter-classroom sharing of someone with specialized training; as well as interactive training.