DATE Cheerleaders Team


The Mighty Eagles Varsity Cheerleaders have been cheering with enthusiasm for all sports here at “The Academy” for 6 years.
The D.A.T.E. Varsity cheerleaders competed in their 6th Annual Luke Sport Cheer Competition November 5, 2010. The team, along with 3 pep squad members attends the competition at Baggett Stadium in College Park.  Six teams participated in the competition and our varsity cheerleader place 2nd in a very closely scored competition.
The judges commented that “only one point separated the winners, and the 2nd place team”   “It was a great competition”, the judges said as they announced the winners.
In prior years, D.A.T.E. cheerleaders have placed 3rd, 2nd, and 1st places in the Luke Sports Competition.